We're on a mission to make it 10x easier for developers to move, restore, share code and more from repository platforms.
Automated Backups

Take control of your code back

In every successful tech companies foundation, there lies a disaster recovery process, CodeBunkr's automated backup service allows non-technical & technical stakeholders to take control of their code in a worst-case emergency.

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Migration Tool

Migrate 100s of repositories in minutes

Enable versatility in your tech company with our migration software-as-a-service. Migrate your code repositories, at scale, in minutes to another repository provider.

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Share code securely with your major stakeholders

An important part of a startups journey to success is funding, and a big part of funding is due-diligence, and updates. With our code escrow service, easily share code with major stakeholders securely.

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Designed for companies working at scale

Supporting Features

It's super important to us that CodeBunkr is the type of platform you rarely come to, but when you do, it works like a treat. Here are some of the many reasons CodeBunkr is perfect for your tech company.

Invite your team

In less than five clicks, invite your entire team to the CodeBunkr platform.

Full visibility

Keep your code secure with our event audit system which records every interaction with your CodeBunkr platform.

Connect multiple repository accounts

We think this part is really special. Connect as many repository hosts as you'd like. Charged on-demand per MB of data used.

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Enhance security further with our CodeBunkr Worker Model

We appreciate the importance of data protection, we encrypt absolutely everything - but if that isn't enough, install your own CodeBunkr instance (data processor) inside your company network (or locally) to enhance security further, at no added cost.

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